Gymnastique Magique 2015

A custom made DVD of your school / group /club performances and Gymnastique Magique experience

Your Gymnastique Magique 2015 Personalised DVD will include:

All your Competition Entries

Your Showcase Performance

Your special on stage photograph opportunity

The Opening Ceremony

The Awards

The Gymnastique Magique Pre-Parade

Please Email interest & state quantity required so that we can check if minimum order quantities have been reached before taking your order as individual School DVD's will be edited after minimum orders have been reached.

Group Minimum Order

Please note in order for us to produce a personalised school/group DVD at a reduced cost for each school/group there is scaled minimum order number of copies dependent on the number of dancers/performers for each school/group/club.

40 to 49 dancers/performers 25 copies

30 to 29 dancers/performers 20 copies

20 to 29 dancers/performers 12 copies

10 to 19 dancers /performers 8 copies

5 to 9 dancers / performers 4 copies

3 to 4 dancers / performers 2 copies 

1 to 2 dancers / performers 1 copy




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