Standards Conversion

Using AVS ADAC Convertor

PAL - NTSC Play & Record

(NTSC not available in all formats)

VHS/SVHS/8mm/Hi8/Digital8/Betamax/U-matic Low/High & SP/Betamax/MII/Betacam Oxide/SP/SX

D9 (Digital-S)/DV/DVCam/DVCPro/1" Format

Prices from 20.00

Cine to Video Transfer

Standard 8mm & Super 8mm.  -  16mm Film Transfer (call for info)

Small or Large Reels

3" Reel (50ft)

4" Reel (100ft)

5" Reel (200ft)

6" Reel (300ft)

7" Reel (400ft)

Transfer to DVD, MPEG, AVI or Quick Time Video Files.

All Cine films are transferred "As-is" some amount of re-coloring is applied due to age deterioration.

Included in the transfer price is title/wording supplied in writing to identify each reel.


Editing (after transfer) of Films (POA)

Printed DVD Sleeve (picture to be supplied) (POA)

Minimum charge 20.00 upto (200ft - 4 small reels)

Each 3" reel after (50ft) 2.50 each.

One Video File or DVD supplied with the transfer (Extra DVD copies are available)

Call to discuss your requirments.


Tape Conversion to DVD & Video Files

up to 2 hours 20.00

Every hour after 7.00

Minimum charge 20.00

Video to DVD Conversion

All Prices Plus VAT

All Prices are plus return postage